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How to sell online now

Set up a ecommerce site easily

Create your online store is easy and safe with Openshopen. You can undertake and manage your own online business in a few steps and just with a simple email. Manage a control panel that meets online security and confidence to sell online your products locally or worldwide. The online shopping is that easy. It's simple to open a virtual business from home when all your needs are integrated through a tailor made platform for Ecommerce.

In the store of all, we have a custom solution for you regardless of your knowledge and budget, you can even create it for free and manage your internet business or simply try a demo.

Openshopen offers it all integrated, from the web or language to the ways of payment and shipping. Our physical presence in over 11 countries makes us an efficient connection point and therefore added value from your local presence and our international presence.

Openshopen virtual stores

Openshopen is the preferred platform for entrepreneurs around the world

Openshopen virtual stores

Create your online store without any technical skills

If you have no knowledge but you want to try it Openshopen provides you the door to a new world of opportunities for business creation or expansion. No matter how many products you have but how many clients you can access the online trade. Start a business starting with as low cost has never been as easy as now. You are not alone to start your own online shop, remember that:

  • No technical skills are required for setting up your shop.
  • Only an email address is required to go into the Ecommerce world.
  • You don't have to install anything on your computer.
  • Yo don't need to own a website.
  • Our support team is waiting to solve any doubt.
  • An online help is available to provide you a better experience.
  • Gateways payments are integrated on your Ecommerce site.
  • Your shop is uploaded with some example products in order to help you to understand how it works.

Advanced users

Whether you need a professional Ecommerce tool or create a store with a powerful engine management, there is also a space for you, thats the main reason for what we call Openshopen the store for all of you, is simple but without limit. Some of the features you can find in your store are:

  • Customize store's design
  • Manage your shop's visits through Google Analytics.
  • Make use of SEO friendly URLs, search engines will love it.
  • Keeping Tabs on Your stock.
  • Manage offers to your customers.
  • Manage discount vouchers.
  • Create a full description of your products with technical sheets.
  • Manage different taxes divided into geo zones.
  • Send awesome Newsletters, get to the clients.
  • Choose responsive templates for smartphones or tablets.
  • Take advantage of the payment methods and shipment modules.
  • Promote your online store through social networks.
  • Manage sales statistics online.
  • Find out different free modules in advaced options.
  • Design you Ecomerce store.
Stores online for advanced users